Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Here Come The Lady

The security looked at each other for a second and then decided to just carry on as though nothing had happened. When in doubt, follow Standard Operating Procedure. You don't get shit from the boss that way. The uptight guy from the front seat had picked up a metal detector want and came toward me. “I need to just check you and the lady over before I can allow you in.”

Okay, now I knew they had no fucking idea what was going on here. Mistress was not your ordinary escort on a date, and I was not your average knuckle dragger driving a call girl. As for a metal detector, the contents of the flight case that was in the car boot would not just set it off, it would probably make it explode. And if a security guard opened it to take a look he would probably die of shock. I knew there were the usual ropes, handcuffs, masks, riding crops and canes. And some vicious looking dildos, an assortment of strap-ons and a variety of nipple clamps. But there were also some razor sharp things for blood play (again, Google it like I had to) and a pair of brass knuckles.

The security guard kept a good look on me as he brought the metal detector toward the car.

“Let me save you the trouble.” I suggested. “Sig Sauer P226 on my right hip. Two spare mags on the left. Ruger LCR .22 on the inside of my left ankle. Benchmade 940 Osborne in my right trouser pocket. 16” Asp in the small of my back.” His eyes were now the size of saucers. My nest comment turned them into the more usual slits that accompany a glare. “And I am not handing any of it over, so you can put that down.”

“If you do not hand it over you cannot come in, though the lady can after I have wanded her”

“I am not sure she would like to be wanded by you. She is a little choosy. And if I do not go in, she does not. So if you would just ask your colleague to take us back to John Wayne the plane is probably not even in the hangar yet.”

This was not going how he expected. I knew what was coming next. This crew were too professional to get verbal or physical without a real reason. So the supervisor would be coming.

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