Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Courtesan Is A Work Of Art

An escort who makes a living has to look good on an escort agency web site and be good and compliant in bed. She doesn't have to be into the sex, she just has to make the right noises at the right time and stay awake. A decent escort needs to look great in selfies and good in lingerie. She has to be willing to role play and get into some more unusual sexual games such as water sports. And she either needs to be a pretty good actress or actually be into having sex with a fair number of the guys
she meets. An excellent escort should be stunning in selfies and in the flesh and be into sex, role play and enjoy it most of the time in a way that can not be faked easily.

But the leap up to an exceptional and world class is something else. Interestingly, she does not necessarily have to look like a film star or a magazine or Playboy Playmate. Though that can help, obviously. Yes, the best escorts look great in photos, they have good bodies and beautiful faces. But the real difference is behind the eyes and between the ears. As well as between the legs. The best escorts anywhere like their job. They like their clients. They like men. And they like sex. They are not faking interest in the person they are with, it is genuine in a way that is infectious. They are using a few cuts tricks to make themselves appear interesting and charismatic. They just are. And they do not have to fake the fact that they like to fuck and get off on sex, because they do.

And that is why there are lots of hookers, many mid level escorts, a small number of high class escorts and a tiny number of real elite courtesans. They are the perfect girl friend for an evening, a weekend or a week. Even for a few days every month on a regular basis. They are always happy to see you, they are affectionate. They never had bad days or shitty moods. They always look a million dollars and they are always going to be passionate, welcoming and ardent in bed. They may even enjoy that part more than you do. And if that is not true, you will never know anyway. They are a treasure and if you ever meet one, take a moment to admire a true masterpiece.  

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