Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I was having a think recently about the media. For once, not for escort advertising and escort agency work reasons. It does sometimes feel as though work is all I do, but it really is not. So, anyway, I was looking at some old magazines, and having a bit of a channel surf, and then some web sites. And I realised just how much of the media is consumed and obsessed with women “feuding” with other women. There is even a TV series called Feud about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. But it is nothing compared to reality TV shows. The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank) are nothing but manufactured arguments and disagreements. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is actually about trying to keep up with who they are in dispute with currently. The Only Way Is Essex. Ditto. Made In Chelsea. And every edition of the Daily Mail and the other British tabloids has some female celebrity blazing with rage about something. The thing is, most of these are entirely made up, either acted for TV or totally in the head of some journalist. Is the Duchess of Windsor really angry and intimidated by Meghan Markle? The tabloids say so, but who knows? Is Meghan Markle pissed off that Princess Eugenie is getting married the same summer as her? The Daily Mail says that is a thing. Do adult women really work that way?
I know from my time working with professional escort women that things can, indeed, get a little heated and arguments and disagreements can happen. But that is not because they are women, it is because they are people in a high stakes environment. If you are working for escort websites like during the summer in Marbella, you may be rushing from booking to booking with little rest between. You may have difficult clients, and the work can be physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging, for obvious reasons. The life of a busy working girl is more akin to that of a soldier in many ways than to someone in other jobs. Long periods of boredom followed by intervals of extreme action.
Do escort girls fall out with each other and have “feuds”? Yes. But it will not nbe about wearing the same dress. It will be about business issues such as snaking a client from under them, or short paying them on a job. And often they will be between friend who become former friends, because only your friends can really betray you. So do they get emotional? Sure, but usually with a damned good business reason, not some tabloid-type “women are emotional” nonsense.

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