Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Hello. My name is Marina, and although we have never met, and it is very unlikely that we will ever meet in person, I am going to write as though we are close friends and I can tell you how things really are. I do have friends in real life. All over the world, actually, because of my work, and I have had this same conversation with a few of them who are in the same profession as me. And every one of them agrees with me.
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I am pissed off. Not with my life, which I love, or with my job, which is very lucrative and not that difficult as long as you work hard and have the basic gifts and talents required. Though there are a lot of skills that you have to learn to be at the very top of the profession. Nor am I unhappy with my love life. I have a boyfriend who I do not see as often as I like, but that is as much because he travels with his work as a management consultant as much as I do with my job. He and I love each other and he tells me about his work and I tell him about mine. I am an international high class escort. And I am pissed off about people attitudes to what I do for a living. As you will now have guessed, Marina is not my real name. And the reason I do not give my real name out in public is because of what other people think or assume about me.

I am not a slut. In fact I have less sex than a lot of my friends who are addicted to Tinder dating. I am not a drug addict. I am not an alcoholic. I have not been forced into the job. I have not been trafficked. While I was with a client I once met a girl who had been, but thank God she had managed to pout that behind her. In fact, I am the exact opposite of all those things. I am smart, well educated, and I successfully running a small business which has revenue way over the average for a one person business! Builders sell their physical skills and their bodies. Writers sell the inside of their heads. I am a combination of the two – I sell my body, my skills and my mind – But just because my vagina is involved instead of my strength, I am supposed to be a social outcast. Screw you. So to speak.  

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