Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I work as a professional high class escort. I like it and I am really, really good at it. My name is Beverly, I am twenty nine years old and I will probably be working for about another five years. After that I would have to drop down a level and I am not prepared to do that. So I am saving and investing as much money as I can so that when I retire from this work I can either become a lady who lunches or set up my own business. That assumes that I do not take any of my clients up on their regular
escort girl walking down street wearing shorts and white shirt
offers to either set me up as their full time mistress, or even the almost as regular offers of marriage.

I work as an escort wherever wealthy men spend their time. Fish where the fish are! That means I spend a lot of time in places like The Hamptons, New York, London. And in the Mediterranean I work with escort agencies in Ibiza, another in Ibiza and a different one in Cannes and Nice. I spend some time in the Alps and the Rockies during winter skiing, but clients take me there for extended bookings rather than me going there to look for clients. Ski resorts do not really work that well for getting new clients. People seem to think that if I work as an escort, I must have been a drug addict or an alcoholic, or in debt, or forced into it by some evil predatory people trafficker. Or some variation on my being a victim. Trust me, I am no victim!

In fact, I work as a prostitute because I make far more money than I would in anything else . No, I am not going give you a number, though I do tell the tax man and pay my taxes in full. And besides, the actual number would make your head spin. Suffice to say, after paying the commission to any escort agency that is lucky enough to represents me, I still clear three hundred pounds an hour. And I work hard and have only two weeks a year when I am not working. I travel so much I do not need holidays as such. It is a treat to stay home. So you do the maths on what I earn.

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