Wednesday, May 30, 2018


OK, before we begin gentlemen, let me ask you a question. And please answer it honestly. When you go out next weekend filled with the hope of finding, speaking to, and attracting a sexy woman, what is it that you are really looking for? Do you hope to find the love of your life and a soul mate that you can share your life with and settle down? Or are you simply looking to get your end away and have the best sex you can with the sexiest woman that you can persuade to have it with you? If you had to choose, what would it be? Raunchy no holds barred anything goes sex or a female soul mate that you can be with who may or may not be having sex with you any time soon, and who may or may not be any good in bed when you do get eventually get her there.

If you answered that you are looking for a soul mate, companion, girl friend, long term companion, potential spouse, future wife or partner, this post is not for you. If you want to get laid with the sexiest women possible and have the most amazing sex of your life, then it definitely is. Because here is the truth – unless you are looking for a potential life partner, professional high class Madrid escorts are absolutely the way to go. Forget all that time in clubs or bars, working up your courage to approach the level either that you think is probably out of your reach, so you bottle it and try to pull a solid six who may or may not go for it.

And if you do get into her panties might not really be that into it and give you a pretty lousy time of it anyway. Why not get together with a perfect ten who will do things with you that you do not even have a name for? Even the money makes sense when you add up everything you will pay for taxis, drinks, maybe a meal or a club, just to get to the end point of what you are really after – uncomplicated sex.

Monday, May 28, 2018


So, when you are out at the weekend trying to hook up with a girl, or when you are on Tinder looking to arrange a hook up there, what are your hopes for the night or the date? A lifelong partner and soul mate or getting laid? Average boring sex in a couple of dull positions or staggering mind blowing sex that you could not even begin to describe because you do not have the vocabulary to even start? A woman who is pretty dull and not that attractive, or the perfect woman who is attentive, enthusiastic and there solely for your pleasure - and hers?

Do you want to buy dinner, pay for drinks, cover entry into a club on the chance that you might get a very mediocre blow job at the end of it? Or spend the same amount (or less, depending on the restaurant and club) and get a sure and certain sexual adventure? For most guys they would not even understand why I am asking the questions. They will go for guaranteed outrageous sense blowing sex with the hottest woman they have ever seen every time. And the honest truth is that the best of the high class escorts Barcelona can supply will look better and shag better than any amateur, no matter how enthusiastic she might be. So why the hell do they miss out?

If you are in Barcelona there are no end of distractions. Sexy women are everywhere and theoretically most of them are out for a good time. But their definition and yours might not be the same thing and you may or may not get lucky. Which is where escort girls like the sexy Barcelona escort girls working for 2nd Circle Escorts Barcelona come in (pun absolutely definitely intended). 

For less than the price of a meal at a decent restaurant on the port, some drinks at a bar, a ticket into one of the major clubs such as Pacha and some drinks in the club, you can have the time of your life with one of the women that you would never dream of approaching in real life. No matter how much of a pharmaceutically supplied ego boost you might have consumed.


Ibiza attracts some of the hottest and sexiest women in the world who hit the clubs, beaches and bars wearing skimpy dresses, short shorts or bikinis. Or combinations of all those. Or without. But you get the idea. And since I am working as a professional sex worker on Ibiza, it is not enough just for me to keep up with them. I have to look better than the best looking girls on Ibiza. And that means looking better than the sexiest and fittest girls in the world. That might sound like a problem, but I am me, so no problem! It just takes hard work and lots of it. I was lucky enough to be born with the basic genetics to look good, and I studied styling, make up and hair styling to make sure that the aesthetics look good. That is a combination of discipline and good luck.

But getting fit enough to look good in any type of clothes that the client might want me to wear, in any social setting, is harder. Especially since, if I am with a client or group of clients who have been indulging a passion for recreational pharmaceuticals I might be spending a few hours at a time stark naked other than high heels. That takes some body confidence, I can assure you. Naked in a hotel suite in front of four or five other girls and a bunch of horny men. And knowing that you look so good that the other stunning and sexy women supplied by 2nd Circle Escorts Malaga fade into the background. They can even be sexy dancing in the middle of the room or lap dancing a client but all eyes will still be on me because I look so good.

So year round I keep a close eye on what I eat, adding a couple of kilos in the winter so that I can pack on more muscle and then losing it again in the spring so that I look as amazing as required for the summer season. Six months up dressing up, dressing down, and getting naked. But even during the summer I hit the gym every day to lift weights or do yoga or pilates. The aerobics gets taken care of swimming in the sea or stand up paddling. Great fun and very efficient.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

My Name Is Maria

Hello. My name is Marina, and although we have never met, and it is very unlikely that we will ever meet in person, I am going to write as though we are close friends and I can tell you how things really are. I do have friends in real life. All over the world, actually, because of my work, and I have had this same conversation with a few of them who are in the same profession as me. And every one of them agrees with me.

I am pissed off. Not with my life, which I love, or with my job, which is very lucrative and not that difficult as long as you work hard and have the basic gifts and talents required. Though there are a lot of skills that you have to learn to be at the very top of the profession. Nor am I unhappy with my love life. I have a boyfriend who I do not see as often as I like, but that is as much because he travels with his work as a management consultant as much as I do with my job. He and I love each other and he tells me about his work and I tell him about mine. I am one of the the best escorts Ibiza can provide And I am pissed off about people attitudes to what I do for a living. As you will now have guessed, Marina is not my real name. And the reason I do not give my real name out in public is because of what other people think or assume about me.

I am not a slut. In fact I have less sex than a lot of my friends who are addicted to Tinder dating. I am not a drug addict. I am not an alcoholic. I have not been forced into the job. I have not been trafficked. While I was with a client I once met a girl who had been, but thank God she had managed to pout that behind her. In fact, I am the exact opposite of all those things. I am smart, well educated, and I successfully running a small business which has revenue way over the average for a one person business! Builders sell their physical skills and their bodies. What I do is no different.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May Name Is Christina

My name is Christina. I was born in the Czech Republic. I am one hundred and seventy five cm tall. I weigh fifty five kilos. That is mainly muscle, hair and breasts! I go to the gym every day, and also swim every other day. It helps to be fit in mu job, for lots of reasons. I am thirty years old. I left school at eighteen. I was supposed to go to university to study art. But I took a year off to go travelling with my boyfriend and I never did go to university Maybe one day. I went travelling with my boyfriend and all was good until we got to the Canary Islands.

While we were there he got together with a group of guys that I did not like. And while he spent more and more time with them, he spent less and less time with me. And I knew that they were all visiting some of the cheapest Las Palmas escorts because that was all they could afford. And while he was with me, he was trying to persuade me that we should drop our plans and go travelling with his new friends instead. One day the inevitable happened and I came back to our flat and found his things and all of our money and credit cards gone. Even my plane tickets. I never did hear from him again.

So what is a girl to do? No way of paying rent or getting home. And for various reasons I was not going to talk to my parents about my situation. I managed to get a job serving drinks in a bar, but even with tips it did not pay much. I moved to serving in a nightclub, which had good tips, especially when I started working the VIP areas. One night a client offered me a thousand dollars to go home with him. I thought he was joking. He was not and I took him up on it. The next morning I realised that I had become a prostitute. And I was surprised to feel that, instead of being ashamed, I actually felt quite good about it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Well we all pay for sex one way or another. At least hookers are honest about the price.” Cal Lightman – Lie To Me (TV series, 2009)

I wish I could lay claim to that quote. Maybe I should at least get in on a T shirt or even get someone to tattoo it onto me (but not the small of my back as a tramp stamp!) I am a hooker. I am a really good hooker. During the winterer I am an escort in Tenerife, because it is warm and I love the volcanic scenery and the really peaceful atmosphere. And there are enough clients to keep me happy. In the summer I am an escort on Ibiza, where the atmosphere is buzzing, exciting and energetic. Basically Ibiza is good for five months of non-stop partying. And at my end of the market, the clubs and the mooring for large yachts also attract enough of the right type of wealthy men keep me busy and happy.

I have been an escort for nearly seven years now, straight from college. It seemed like the best choice for a woman who was modelling throughout my three years at university and whose degree was totally useless for anything other than getting a job in a call centre. I look good and I have a good body. That is not arrogance. Those, together with my intelligence are the tools of my trade and I work hard on both my looks and my physique. I think of it as no different to a professional athlete staying fit and developing their skills, or an actress maintaining her looks and working on her voice and acting skills.

I enjoy what I do and I make more money than my boyfriend, who is about to become a partner with one of the most well known management consultancies. He sells the inside of his head and his physical stamina to do the hours. I sell the inside of my head and the way my face and body looks. Yes, I have sex for money. But in one way or another, like the man said, we all pay for sex one way or the other.

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