Monday, May 28, 2018


So, when you are out at the weekend trying to hook up with a girl, or when you are on Tinder looking to arrange a hook up there, what are your hopes for the night or the date? A lifelong partner and soul mate or getting laid? Average boring sex in a couple of dull positions or staggering mind blowing sex that you could not even begin to describe because you do not have the vocabulary to even start? A woman who is pretty dull and not that attractive, or the perfect woman who is attentive, enthusiastic and there solely for your pleasure - and hers?

Do you want to buy dinner, pay for drinks, cover entry into a club on the chance that you might get a very mediocre blow job at the end of it? Or spend the same amount (or less, depending on the restaurant and club) and get a sure and certain sexual adventure? For most guys they would not even understand why I am asking the questions. They will go for guaranteed outrageous sense blowing sex with the hottest woman they have ever seen every time. And the honest truth is that the best of the high class escorts Barcelona can supply will look better and shag better than any amateur, no matter how enthusiastic she might be. So why the hell do they miss out?

If you are in Barcelona there are no end of distractions. Sexy women are everywhere and theoretically most of them are out for a good time. But their definition and yours might not be the same thing and you may or may not get lucky. Which is where escort girls like the sexy Barcelona escort girls working for 2nd Circle Escorts Barcelona come in (pun absolutely definitely intended). 

For less than the price of a meal at a decent restaurant on the port, some drinks at a bar, a ticket into one of the major clubs such as Pacha and some drinks in the club, you can have the time of your life with one of the women that you would never dream of approaching in real life. No matter how much of a pharmaceutically supplied ego boost you might have consumed.

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