Monday, May 28, 2018


Ibiza attracts some of the hottest and sexiest women in the world who hit the clubs, beaches and bars wearing skimpy dresses, short shorts or bikinis. Or combinations of all those. Or without. But you get the idea. And since I am working as a professional sex worker on Ibiza, it is not enough just for me to keep up with them. I have to look better than the best looking girls on Ibiza. And that means looking better than the sexiest and fittest girls in the world. That might sound like a problem, but I am me, so no problem! It just takes hard work and lots of it. I was lucky enough to be born with the basic genetics to look good, and I studied styling, make up and hair styling to make sure that the aesthetics look good. That is a combination of discipline and good luck.

But getting fit enough to look good in any type of clothes that the client might want me to wear, in any social setting, is harder. Especially since, if I am with a client or group of clients who have been indulging a passion for recreational pharmaceuticals I might be spending a few hours at a time stark naked other than high heels. That takes some body confidence, I can assure you. Naked in a hotel suite in front of four or five other girls and a bunch of horny men. And knowing that you look so good that the other stunning and sexy women supplied by 2nd Circle Escorts Malaga fade into the background. They can even be sexy dancing in the middle of the room or lap dancing a client but all eyes will still be on me because I look so good.

So year round I keep a close eye on what I eat, adding a couple of kilos in the winter so that I can pack on more muscle and then losing it again in the spring so that I look as amazing as required for the summer season. Six months up dressing up, dressing down, and getting naked. But even during the summer I hit the gym every day to lift weights or do yoga or pilates. The aerobics gets taken care of swimming in the sea or stand up paddling. Great fun and very efficient.

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