Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May Name Is Christina

My name is Christina. I was born in the Czech Republic. I am one hundred and seventy five cm tall. I weigh fifty five kilos. That is mainly muscle, hair and breasts! I go to the gym every day, and also swim every other day. It helps to be fit in mu job, for lots of reasons. I am thirty years old. I left school at eighteen. I was supposed to go to university to study art. But I took a year off to go travelling with my boyfriend and I never did go to university Maybe one day. I went travelling with my boyfriend and all was good until we got to the Canary Islands.

While we were there he got together with a group of guys that I did not like. And while he spent more and more time with them, he spent less and less time with me. And I knew that they were all visiting some of the cheapest Las Palmas escorts because that was all they could afford. And while he was with me, he was trying to persuade me that we should drop our plans and go travelling with his new friends instead. One day the inevitable happened and I came back to our flat and found his things and all of our money and credit cards gone. Even my plane tickets. I never did hear from him again.

So what is a girl to do? No way of paying rent or getting home. And for various reasons I was not going to talk to my parents about my situation. I managed to get a job serving drinks in a bar, but even with tips it did not pay much. I moved to serving in a nightclub, which had good tips, especially when I started working the VIP areas. One night a client offered me a thousand dollars to go home with him. I thought he was joking. He was not and I took him up on it. The next morning I realised that I had become a prostitute. And I was surprised to feel that, instead of being ashamed, I actually felt quite good about it.

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